Managed IT Services in Big Sky Country

About Managed Services – Health Monitoring – Part 1

For the past five years, we have recognized the need for better efficiency, convenience, reliability and quality of experience.  Traditional products and services are no longer as effective as they once were in the computer industry.  Our quest for better options to meet the needs of clients like you, has finally brought us to an innovative new software/service we call Managed Services.  If that name sounds familiar, you may have heard about this new offering from one of our techs in the past year, or read about it as part of the educational materials we’ve published. It’s our pleasure to share some information about what Managed Services actually is, and how you and your business can benefit by harnessing it. We have written a series on the features that Managed Services. Hoping to provide you in-depth information on each and every feature. This is part one of the several part series. To keep updated with new posts, we recommend signing up to our newsletter and liking our Facebook page.


24×7 Health Monitoring

Computers are unpredictable, most of you can attest to this from past experiences. There are so many problems that can arise at any given time – usually annoying you at the least convenient time for your busy schedule.

Hard drives can fail without warning, causing damage to valuable files or even lost vital information. The device may randomly refuse to boot, leaving you with essential work needing to be finished and no way to complete it. Computers have a reputation for their random inconsistencies.  Yet we are all utterly dependent on them.

Hiring an IT technician come in and do daily health checkups on your computer is impractical and costly. Yet, having the same person come in and replace something after it has failed without warning (or attempt to retrieve lost data) is an even bigger blow to the checkbook.  The even bigger problem is the downtime. Lost productivity can spell disaster or even catastrophe to any business.  Managed Services provides a solution to this problem by giving Odyssey Technicians the ability for 24×7 Health Monitoring on your system.  This allows us to pay close attention to: – Data Backup Status – Memory Usage – Physical Component Health – Speed and Performance – Security Breaches and Vulnerabilities – Software Updates – Patches, Lifecycle, Upgrade Needs, and much more!

Armed with this tool, our technicians can tell when your system may need checkups, maintenance, upgrades, repairs or even replacement. We can usually anticipate problems before they affect you, and possibly even prevent them from happening!